Sunday, November 28, 2010

term 4 pi


  1. Really interesting topic, boys. Good research, but it clearly wasn't all in your own words. Good structure with your oral information, display board, quiz and practical part.

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  3. do it on time
    but good idea with mr mcnaught

  4. good job you had lots of info about your topic and we liked when mr n got hit [once] but next time you need to talk clear and lounder.
    grace and zia

  5. Wow Corbin and Egg! that was a really good P.I I liked it how you we got tested and the winning got to throw tomatoes at mr mc naught. Maybe next time you could speak more clearly and practise your speech a bit better but other then that it was a really cool Pi. By Nat Kell Tanzy and Emma

  6. Great Job! I think it was funny how you threw the tomatoes at MR mc Naught. Next time I think you could speak a bit louder because some of the time I couldn't hear you. :-)
    Sara, Hannah

  7. that was so cool that you made them throw tomatos.
    you need to speak more clearly and look at the audience.

  8. well done that was awesome and it was fun watching the kids smash Mr Mg naught but next time maybe show us the pictures cause we couldn't see the pictures

    natalya alana and linda

  9. COOL pi you guys the prize was awesome and you presented it well you need to work on your speaking

    well done egg and corby


  10. WOW! That was a cool P.I. We really enjoyed it.
    What you did well: You had lots of info and you spoke clearly.
    What you could do better next time: Make the quiz a bit harder
    And include a sour cream fight!!
    Kate and Libby

  11. Awesome PI!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I loved it. its a shame that not many of the tomatoes didnt get Mr McNaught!
    You spoke pretty loud, but not that clear....
    And you had some really good information!!
    Great job!
    Britt (: