Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010

natures forces Glogster

What did I learn? To make a interesting Glogster page.
What did I do well? To get practitioner on my assessment.
What will I do better next time? to be a expert

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

knowledge test

what did I learn? how to do reminders.
what did I do well? to get a better percent.
what will I do better next time? to get 80%

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My feedback

That was a totally impressive PI. Your speech was really clear and easy to understand. You had good humour. Your planning and preparation were thorough. I really enjoyed it. It gave me the feeling that I get after watching a really good movie. Great work, Corbin. I'm not convinced about eating chocolate with broccoli though. TC
Great job Corby!!! We loved how you put humor into your P.I, It was a great movie, wonder what your next dish is masterchef! Great work! Britt, Kel and Nat spoke clearly,it was easy to under stand and was really iteresting . aidan,thomas
great job we think it was awsome and funny I would of gave the chocolate a 100 harry chaz
Very interesting Corbin, I might try that at my house. Sounds unusual but tasty! Ollie, Alan
Great PI Corbin the chocolate broccili looked nice. But next time tell us a bit more info about what you put in the dip. Lucy and Grace
Great, Great, GREAT PI Corbin, awesome presentation and Ideas and everything but you could make it a bit more interactive, but Cool PI!!:) Maddy and Zia
what did i learn? that lots of people liked my choclate broccli
what did I do well? that everyone liked my P.I.
what well I better next time? to do a better P.I.

It was really cool the video was funny how you did choc sauce and how you made it master cheif riverdale school. great P.I. corbin well done!!!!!!!! Caleb Hadley
great pi Corby great choice your brocollie would probably tast nice with cheese sauce Sophie,Sara,Hannah
Awsome PI Corban mmmmmmmm that chocolate looks nice and it looks like you put alot of effort into it so congrats corbie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kale, caelum and mike
your pi was AWESOME. you spoke very clearly good work emma and natalya
Wow that was so funny and the idea of have master chef Riverdale school was incredable and we've got to try the chocolate brocclie Kate and Libby
i think you did well in your title and amazing food.I think it was very funny how you chocoalte on your brockally Alana & Linda

what did I learn? to make a video
what did I do well? to make the audience happy
what is my next learning step? to try and do a even better P.I

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The crazy snapper

Splash!!I was at lake Taupo. I jumped onto the boat Rummm! The fast furious falcon 3000 was white and orange.Hi I'm Corbin, and this is my dad George.
Everyone that past us said '' nice ride man''.We went about 200 metres out in the water. Fling!I threw my
line out. About 10 minutes later Whoaaa I think I got a fish. We'll don't just sit there reel it in!
So I was reeling so hard it felt like pulling a 50,000 pound truck!''cmon we want tea''.''Ok settle
down I will only get it if you cheer me on''!''Yay go Corbin! 1 2 3 pull! its a snapper BOOF!! It smacked me in the face with it's tail. Around 10 seconds later my dad said ''Knockout''!
The crazy fish was flipping like a headless chicken But luckily Dad put a net on it so it couldn't
jump back in the water.I lifted my head and the fish is having baby fishes.''Quick we will carefully put a wet towel on that big orange snapper.''She has ten fishes''! Quick carefully put them in the water.''Yep Go Go Go''.We softly put those cute small orange baby snappers in the water and finally the new mum went softly in the with her new baby snappers.''I wanted tea''.Said dad.''Lets just go and have some fish and chips''!''Okkkk''. That was the best fishing day ever!